Thursday, December 21, 2006

Games to Make You Forget it's Christmas

Hey all....Merry Happy to each of you!! Well wishes to all and to all some great games!!

I finally beat Abundante! It was a few weeks ago, but I remember the moment as if it were...a few weeks ago ;) Really, what a challenging game. I was willing, at one point, to sacrifice a chicken on my keyboard to pass level 19-3(Ms.Weatherby)...oy, I say. It's a doozy. But, alas, I did, and there was much rejoicing!!

Lately it's been all about the word games for me. Scrabble Blast is super fun. There are three game types: one bag, action, and puzzle. One bag bag of tiles. I've only emptied the entire board a few times (997 high score). Action is a board that randomly drops bombs into tiles you have to use before they reach the bottom (2435 high score). Puzzle, my favorite, drops bombs into tiles that you have to use, but there's a catch. In the tile is a number, and the word you create with that bomb tile has to be at least that many letters long. Not so hard when they want 3 and 4 letter words...but when they start asking for 7 letter times(4544 high score)

I've been playing more games than I should lately...I still have two quilts to finish before Christmas...and here I sit gabbing about them and not working on goes the life of a procrastinator ;)

Ok, have a great season, all of you, and remember QUE is a word!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

My First Blog

So, here's my first game blog. Wish me luck as I try to give you the scoop on the games I'm playing, the ones I love, and the ones I love to hate. All told with a dash of sarcasm and a tidbit or humor.

First...a little about me. Why take my word on these games? Well...I play them...alot...more than my boss knows (did I mention my boss is also my hubbin?) I'm not some pro gamer...just a chick with a computer. What else about me?...I like cake and ice cream. I think every holiday, and most bad days should be celebrated with cake and ice cream. Served in a bowl. What's the deal with serving this stuff on a saucer? It's ICE CREAM, people!! Ok, wrong soapbox....

My newest passion in life is quilting. Which immediately makes me sound like a grandma..or at least a crazy older aunt. But, I assure you, I'm neither...well...ok, I'm a bit crazy, and I'm an aunt...anyways!! This ain't your grandmother's quilting, as my sisters at the quilt shop tease me. It's just a great way to be creative and make amazing gifts.

But, really...this is about the games. I've always been a game player...I could never find people with enough time to play monopoly with me...and my brothers and sister taught me very young how to play cards, although I was an adult before I learned to shuffle them...then the computer came along, and being the person I am...ok, something you should know about me....I'm a consumer with with capital C. If it flashes, has buttons to push (oh, I love the button pushing), and makes great noises, then it should be mine!! The first computer game I ever played was called McMurphy's Mansion. It was a text only search for stuff, how far we've come. I never finished that game...

These days, my standbys are these, and I'll post more about them later....
Maj Jong Quest-gots to love the maj
Shangri-La Deluxe
Abundante-the newest addiction
Diner Dash-Restaurant Rescue

I really like word games...I'm a wordy kind of gal. My hubbin is always impressed by the words I can find, spell, and least he says he is, but he may just be kissing up....

So, there's the first blog. If you haven't torn your eyes out yet, then check back for my first game review and rant.